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Transform Your Online Presence with a Professionally Designed Website

Your professionally designed Tree Services website will showcase your skills and attract more clients. Your new website will elevate your professionalism and credibility and help you stand out in a sea of competition. You won’t pay thousands for it either. Pre-building the website has reduced the cost—significantly.

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Attract More Clients With a Professional Tree Services Website


There are a number of advantages to a pre-built website. You save hundreds, if not thousands, compared to a custom designed and built website. You also get a finished site in days, rather than weeks.


You see what you’re getting up front. We can change the text, colours, and images to match your brand and services. Your business will be presented professionally to your customers.

WordPress Flexibility

This is a WordPress site, using a Premium Theme and software Plugins. You can add more pages and functionality as needed. This content management system can scale with your business as needed.

“Ian has been instrumental in helping our new business hit the ground running with a website that is functionally seamless and attractive to future clients. Ian is professional, knowledgeable and continues to support us with our website and google search optimisation which allows us to get on with growing our business.”
Awaken Chiropractic
Dr Natalie Crozier

Content For The Tree Services Website & Blog

This is a full, pre-built website, which can be used for any service-based business. We’ve included 3 hours of our time to change the text, images and colours to match your brand and your services and publish to your domain name. You can have a fully operational website within days, not weeks or months.

Home Page

The home page of your website introduces who you are and what you do, and quickly conveys your credibility.

The hero section of your website usually includes a large image, relative to what you do. This could show an outcome of one of your services, or an image of yourself or something else that’s relatable to who you are and what you do.

Your home page is a stepping stone into the rest of your website. It invites people to look further and make it easy for them to do so.

About Page

Reinforce your business identity and your experience with info about your business and your team in this section. Add any awards or certifications in this section, too.

Also mention the geographic areas you cover, and any speciality services you offer.

It sometimes helps to state the hours you operate and if you do emergency work after hours.

Services Page

Quick introduction to each service and bullet points to show each service.

It’s always best to break services into common groups. This helps people quickly find what they need.

We can sprinkle some testimonials throughout your services page. It’s a good idea to add relevant testimonials to each services group.

Blog Page

A Blog makes it easy for you to add content to your website. Blog posts can also get picked up by search engines and drive potential customers to your website.

  • Explanation of your services.
  • Intro to new services.
  • Tips to help your readers.
  • Before and after examples.
  • Latest work.
  • Educate your customers so they choose the right person for the job; you!

Contact Page

The Contact Page is very simple and includes:

  • Phone.
  • Email.
  • Address or areas you cover.
  • Can include a Google Map.
  • An online form for your customers to fill in.
  • Sprinkle some testimonials on the page.

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Under The Hood

The Tree Services Website Uses the Latest WordPress
Content Management System

As of May 2024, a remarkable 43.4% of all websites globally use WordPress.

W3Techs Latest Data


Ian designed my website over 14 years ago and I have been with him ever since. His knowledge and ideas have improved my website and also my business. I can’t rate him highly enough.

A Class Decks & Pergolas – Glenn Stuart

Ian created a completely new website for us. Feedback from our 400+ members indicates that they find it user-friendly, attractive and full of relevant information. It certainly has given us a far more up-to-date image, and within the U3A organisation has been praised for its adherence to privacy issues.

U3A Nambucca Valley – President

Frequently Asked Questions

A Website is your digital home for your online marketing efforts:

  • Your website connects to your Google Business Profile and all your social media profiles, and they connect back to your website. Everything is in one place, which makes it easier for people to educate themselves on your businesses services and contact you.
  • A website gives you the opportunity to be found in Google and Bing searches.
  • Having a blog on your website makes it easy for you to add fresh content to your website that you know your customers’ need and value. This will put you ahead of your competition, as they are not likely to have this type of content on their website.
  • When you have a website, you get to present your business info and services the way you want.
  • We often find customers with websites get larger jobs and clients, as staff for these organisations use the web to find the services they need.

This is a new product, and the following price is an introductory price only and is likely to increase soon.

At the moment, the price is $590 for 4 pages and a blog. The one page version is $279.00.

We have a very special offer, available to you until the close of business, 5pm, on July 31, 2024. And an option for a 1 Page Version of this Website, which reduces the cost even further.


We’ll work with you to connect your domain name to your website, at no extra charge. If you need a new domain name, we can help. There is an option for this on the order form further down the page.

This package includes 4 pages + a blog, but you can choose a 1 page version of this website to reduce the cost. For adding pages beyond the 4 pages we give you in this package, you have two options.

Add another page yourself. Keep in mind there is a level of knowledge required to create a page in WordPress.

Or we can do this for you for an added cost. This would be a page we fully design for you, adding the content you want. You can add this at the time you order, or later.

Please be aware that if you go past 5 pages, the hosting price changes from $30.00 to $40 per month for between 6 and 10 pages and $50 per month for 11-20 pages.

With the 4 page + a blog option, you can create as many blog pages as you like and we have a video to show you how to create new blog posts.

Local SEO, ensures your business stands out in local searches.

  • Brand name searches: We include basic SEO, so when someone searches for your business by name in your town, your website appears in search results. This can take some weeks to appear.
  • Local SEO for Services: Sometimes your primary service (handyman) will be picked from the basic SEO optimisation we include. It depends on how competitive your niche is on the web. We would have to quote you separate if you want to be ranked for one of your other services using Local SEO.
  • Google Business Profile: by adding a link to your website on your GBP, you may see an improvement in the position of your listing. There are some other things we can do once you have a website to improve your GBP and its rank.
  • Pay Per Click Google Advertising (PPC): Is Google’s paid search advertising. You pay a nominated amount when someone clicks your ad, which takes them to your website. Unlike most advertising, you only pay if someone clicks your ad. This can be limited by the budget you set. Once you have a website, you’ll be able to start a PPC campaign. If this is something you would be interested in, please let us know. We can have a PPC campaign setup for you in 7 to 10 working days.

In short, Local SEO is a medium term strategy, but one that is worth the effort, as you get qualified leads over a long period.

You will need to use our hosting provider for this website package.

  • Hosting for up to 5 pages + a blog: $30 per month.
  • Hosting for 6 to 10 pages + a blog: $40.00 per month.
  • Hosting costs for 11 to 20 pages + a blog: $50.00 per month.

It is a pre-requisite for this website package to be hosted using our own hosting provider, who we have been using for many years and know to be very reliable and we are proficient at using.

Some of the website software (Plugins) are paid for annually, but as long as you are a hosting customer of ours, we cover these costs.

Dealing with a hosting provider other than our own would require us to dedicate time originally allocated for website modifications to familiarise ourselves with their hosting service, which would cause additional charges, which we avoid by using our own hosting.

We also check your site once a week to make sure software updates to the website are happening smoothly and there are no security issues.

When you order, we will email you a design brief. You just fill this in and email it back to us.

When we make changes, we use a very easy-to-use system that enables you to click anywhere on the website and leave a note on the changes you want made. You can click on a heading, an image or something else and leave your note. We get notified of this, make the changes and confirm the same, which you are then notified of.

For image changes, you can email the images you want used. Tell us which pages and which section of each page to add the images to.

Keep in mind we have included up to 3 hours to change the website text, images and colours. Changing colours can be the most time consuming. Changing one colour can often lead to changing others on the site. If we believe the changes you have requested will exceed the time allowed for, we will let you know before we make the changes.

We estimate these changes will be made over 3 to 4 days before publishing your website to your domain name.

We are always available to help you with anything you need done on your website. Our service rate is $75 per hour (Min of 30 mins) and we always provide you with an estimate of the total cost before we begin any work.

As mentioned, the time it will take to get the Tree Services website up and running for your business is dramatically reduced by the website being pre-built.

This is the process:

  • Place your order.
  • Within 24 hours, a copy of the Tree Services website will be online and ready for you to view and login to on a temporary domain name.
  • We’ll continue to use this temp domain until the site has been personalised with the content for your business.
  • We use simple point and click software that enables you to click anywhere on the website and leave us your instructions for any changes.
  • You can also upload images using the same system. For example, you can click on an image on the site and ask us to change the image with the one you upload to the same comment.
  • Once we have your written permission to go live, we will provide you with the details to add to your domain name, if you are using your own domain. We can also help you if you are unsure how to do this?
  • If you order a new domain name with us, we’ll assist you in setting up and changing domain name settings after you approve the site to go live.

We value long-term relationships with our clients. Our support for you and your business does not stop once your site is finished and published on the web.

  • Once a week we login to your website and make sure updates are automatically happening the way they should and there are no security issues.
  • We also want you to have control over your own websites content. Once your site is live, you can opt-in for emails guiding you on changing web pages and creating blog posts and checking for enquires.
  • We are available during business hours to assist with any issues or questions you may have about your website or digital marketing.

New Financial Year Offer!

Two Options

Option 1

1 Page Website

You can do so much more with your web presence once you have a website. This package delivers a professionally designed 1 page website you can build your digital foundation on. At just $279.00 you can expand your existing social media channels and Google listing.

Option 2

4 Page Website + Blog

Make two payments of $295.00 for a total payment of $590.00. The first payment at the time of order, with the second payment of $295.00 in 30 days.

Two Months Hosting Free

Website hosting is required for both options. We would also like to offer you your first two month’s hosting, a value of $60, for free. Just use this coupon code: H60 before the close of business in July, 2024.

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