Terms and Conditions for Pre-Built Websites

Feel free to review these terms. Any questions can be directed to: ian@customerpath.com.au

  1. Copyright Compliance
    • The purchaser agrees that any text, images, or other content supplied by them for inclusion on the website are free of any copyright restrictions. 
    • Customer Path is absolved of any liability related to copyright conflicts or disputes arising from the use of such content.
  2. Hosting Requirements
    • The purchaser agrees to host the pre-built website with Customer Path. 
    • If the purchaser moves the website to another hosting provider, they will need to pay for the licenses for any Pro Plugins used on the site. These plugins are currently licensed under Customer Path and are valid only for Customer Path and its customers.
    • The purchaser agrees that if they move to a new website hosting provider; they will be responsible for all aspects of the move the move to the new website host.
  3. Modification Policy
    • The purchaser agrees that any modifications or changes to the pre-built website that exceed the allocated 3 hours must be agreed upon by both Customer Path and the purchaser.
    • Additional changes beyond the 3-hour allocation will incur additional charges as agreed upon by both parties.
    • The 3 hours allocated for the changes only apply to text, images, and colours.
    • Any plugins or functionality added to the website by the purchaser are the responsibility of the purchaser to maintain.
    • Customer Path can quote on any additional pages required, beyond those included in the package.
  4. Hosting Package and Fees
    • The purchaser agrees that the hosting package included in this purchase is for websites with 5 pages or less (Excludes blog pages). If the website exceeds 5 pages, the hosting price increases to $40.00 per month for 6 to 10 pages and $50.00 per month for 11 to 20 pages.
    • The purchaser agrees to pay hosting fees 3 months in advance for the term the website is hosted with Customer Path.
    • The purchaser and Customer Path agree the purchaser may move the website to a new hosting provider after the first 3 months, at their cost.
    • Email is not included in this hosting package and is the responsibility of the purchaser.
  5. Refund Policy
    • The purchaser agrees that the purchase or payments made for the completion of this website are non-refundable.
  6. Local SEO
    • Customer Path will optimise the home page of the website to give it the best chance to be listed by Google, so the business can be found when searching for the business name + suburb/town. However, Customer Path cannot be held responsible for Google deciding to not add the website to their index or how Google ranks the website in their listings.
  7. Content Change Brief Definition
    • All website features and functionalities will be clearly defined and agreed upon before the commencement of the project in the Content Change Brief.
    • Any additional features or functionalities requested after the agreed Content Change Brief will be considered out of the scope of the Content Change Brief and may incur additional charges.
  8. Change Requests
    • Any change requests that exceed the three hours allocated for text, image, and colour changes must be submitted in writing and will be assessed for feasibility. If accepted, an estimate of the additional time and cost required will be provided to the purchaser for approval before any work begins.
  9. Content Submission Timeline
    • The purchaser agrees to submit all necessary content (text, images, etc.) within a specified timeframe to ensure timely completion of the project. Delays in content submission may result in project delays and are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  10. Hosting Support
    • Customer Path will provide basic support for hosting-related issues. Any advanced support or troubleshooting that falls outside the standard hosting package will be billed at an hourly rate.
  11. Backup Responsibility
    • Automatic backups of the website are performed by Customer Path every 24 hours.
  12. Security and Updates
    • Customer Path will implement standard security measures and perform regular updates for hosted websites. The purchaser is responsible for any custom security measures or updates beyond the standard provisions.