Get Going Advertising Package

Google Search Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Package

This Advertising Package Gives Your Business Exposure In Multiple Google Searches in Multiple Locations—Quickly!

Pre-Sale Questions

Yes, a website is essential for this package as it allows your prospective customers to land on a specific page of your site after clicking your ad. If you don’t have a website yet, our Get Started Package, which includes website creation, is the perfect starting point. Once your website is up and running, you can fully benefit from our Google PPC Advertising Package.

We research the keywords your potential customers use to find your products or services on Google Search. We then setup several adverts which are triggered to display in the search results when the conditions we set for each advert are met. These can include: the search phrase, target location, the bid amount, the days of the week and the times you want the ad to show. As the name suggests, each time your advert is clicked on; you pay for that click. You can, and should, set budget limits on how much you will pay each day.

PPC is like an auction. Each time a keyword is searched for on Google that meets the conditions of your advert, an auction takes place. This happens automatically, in a fraction of a second, and determines the placement of your ad in the search results page. When your ad is clicked, the person will be taken to a landing page on your website that should provide relevant product or service information, and this is important!

While the amount you pay plays a large part in your Ads position; it’s not the only factor. The other major factor is how relevant your landing page is to the advert. Does it meet the promise in the advert? Whatever that is, it must apply to your ad. The more relevant your landing page is, the better position Google will give you in the auction, provided you have also met the required bid amount. We can good handle on what that is before the campaign starts and certainly after we’ve run the ads for a few weeks.

Yes. Each campaign should promote one service or product and this campaign should have its own landing page, specifically targeted to promoting this one service or product. Google is a relevancy engine. They don’t want anyone using their search engine to click on an advert and not be shown information relevant to that ad.

  • We find out the keywords your target market is using to find your products or services with various tools, including, the Google Keyword Planner.
  • The research will show us how many people search for those keywords, how competitive the keywords are and what people are bidding for those keywords.
  • We discuss this with you to complete the keywords we will use for your campaign.
  • This research can also be used for future Local SEO Campaigns.

Immediate Traffic

One advantage of PPC advertising is the ability to drive immediate traffic to your website once your campaigns are live. However, ‘results’ to achieve the desired actions (like sales or leads) might take longer.

Optimisation Period

There’s often an initial period of data collection and optimisation which could last a few weeks to a couple of months. During this phase, it’s crucial to monitor the performance, analyse the data, and make necessary adjustments to the campaigns to improve their effectiveness.

Other factors include:

  • Market Competitiveness
  • Budget
  • Quality of Landing Pages and Website
  • Seasonality and External Factors
  • Long-Term Strategy

We setup 6 Ad sets for each campaign. Each Ad set targets a different keyword or key phrase and includes 10 to 15 headings and 4 feature/benefit descriptions and calls to action. That’s 60 or more adverts for a campaign. These ads are automatically interchanged with each other to display different combinations of headings, descriptions and calls to action.

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