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Did you know a study found business blogging Leads to 55% more website visitors.1 Or that Blogging businesses experience a 126% higher lead growth compared to non-blogging businesses.2 This just goes to show the impact a blog can have on your business.

In the digital age, merely having a static website isn’t enough. Businesses need to create fresh content that answers customer questions and explains services.


Improve SEO: Fresh content increases your visibility on search engines, driving more potential customers to your website.

  • Establish Authority: Share your specialised knowledge and experience to position yourself as the go-to solution.
  • Build Relationships: Engage your customers with relevant content, encouraging them to keep returning to your website.
  • Generate Leads: Each blog post is a new opportunity to generate leads. You can end each post with a lead-generating call-to-action.
  • Don’t worry if you’re concerned about the time commitment or the ability to create content regularly. We can help with strategies for easy content creation.


A Blog works similar to posting on Facebook. It’s a collection of posts, only they’re all yours. You create your post, add your images or videos and publish. It doesn’t have to be an epic effort. Sometimes shorter posts that get straight to the point are better.

You can create content for the following topics, just to name a few:

  • Show images before and after your service was used.
  • Discuss how you implement or plan a service.
  • Show off your latest work.
  • Share something interesting about a particular or relevant industry.
  • Provide information about a new service.
  • Share tips and tricks that are helpful to your website visitors.

You can add any of the following content types:

  • Photos.
  • Videos (Share YouTube Videos).
  • Links to other pages of your website and third-party websites.
  • Link a PDF document.
  • Guides
  • Checklists

When should you publish?

The short answer is, whenever you have something that would interest your readership, customers or potential customers. Try to write and publish regularly. Easy to say, hard to do. I struggle with being regular with this blog too. You don’t have to publish something every day, or every week. Once a month would be fine. It’s the constancy that makes the difference.


  1. Did you know that a study found business blogging leads to 55% more website visitors?
  2. Blogging businesses experience a 126% higher lead growth compared to non-blogging businesses.

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