Comparison of Digital vs Newspaper Advertising

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Why is digital advertising so huge now?

There are many reasons digital advertising out-performs traditional media. We compare Google and newspaper adverts in this article.

Just about everyone on the planet has a smart phone in their pocket, and we use them constantly throughout each day.

That’s the first piece of undeniable evidence of digital dominance in our daily lives.

Contrast this with newspapers. Love or hate them, not everyone reads a newspaper. In fact, the numbers have dwindled so badly over the past few years that most of the newspapers have been closed down in regional areas. Sadly, some of our local television stations have suffered the same fate. Although, new legislation has forced Google and Facebook to pay for news, they share from some news outlets.

WIN Shuts down 5 newsrooms as regional broadcasts struggle

Changing content consumption habits and increased competition from digital content providers that don’t face the same regulatory conditions that challenge traditional media has led to a reduction in demand for local news bulletins in these regions.

A WIN Spokeswoman Said 2

What makes smart phones so lucrative for marketers is they’re connected—24/7—online, to powerful search engines, social media channels and everyone we know. This gives us all up-to-date information on virtually anything we want, right in our pockets. It has been and continues to be a marketer’s dream.

Australian advertisers continue flight to digital

Online now outpaces all other advertising in Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald, Jennifer Duke 1

Ask yourself this question:

Who, with all this information at their fingertips, does not seek more information on products they want to buy or services they want to engage with—online?

Then, ask yourself this question:

When was the last time you looked up a product or service on the Internet?

We all do it frequently. How do we know? You, me and just about everyone we know uses Google to look up information, for things we want to buy, to check on prices and product info—every day. Newspapers just aren’t that convenient, or responsive.

Here’s why newspaper advertising is in decline


  1. Made a mistake in your ad copy? You won’t be able to change it until the next issue.
  2. You pay for advertising, even if most people don’t even see your advert.
  3. Not happy with results? Difficult to find out what went wrong; without asking people who had seen your advert, but did not buy? Even if you found out; you can’t correct it until the next advert.
  4. You don’t know if the people you are targeting in your paper advert will read the newspaper, even if a paper exists in your town. Not a great avenue for advertisers.


  1. Made a mistake on your advert; you can correct it — immediately.
  2. You only pay for Google Search Advertising when someone clicks on your link, which will take them to your website.
  3. Not happy with the results? We have technology and reports we can use to determine what is going wrong and then make corrections quickly.
  4. We can target searches related to your product/service on Google and tell you how many people are searching for those search terms.3


This post illustrates why advertisers are moving away from traditional media advertising. If it was working; advertisers would be investing. Digital is working for many advertisers and their clients, and that’s why it has grown so quickly. If you are unhappy with the results, you are getting from your traditional media adverts and would like to explore what digital advertising can do for your business. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

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