Black Holes of Opportunity

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People looking for your product or service online but not finding much in your region

Good news, a willing market and little or no competition. Difficult to find in cities, but in regional areas these black holes are easier to find than you may think.

What is a black hole of opportunity?

It’s a market; a search phrase on Google, or an area on the Internet where people are looking for your product or service and not finding much. What do I mean when I say your potential customers are not finding much? Even if your competitors have a listing on Google or are advertising to your market on Facebook, you will find they’re not usually producing enough of the right content their potential customers are looking for.

It all comes down to your potential customer’s intent

Google describes four key moments in their e-book Micro-moments Guide to Winning The Shift to Mobile. (Micro-moments Guide to Winning The Shift to Mobile) Below are some quotes and excerpts from their e-book.

I want to know moments

Someone is exploring or researching, but not yet in purchase mode. They want useful information and maybe even inspiration, not the hard sell.

I want to go moments

People are looking for a local business or are considering buying a product at a local store. Where is this business? What are their trading times and how do I get there?

I want to do moments

These may come before or after the purchase. Either way, these are “how to” moments when people want help with getting things done or trying something new. Being there with the right content is key.

I want to buy moments

Someone is ready to make a purchase and may need help to decide what or how to buy. You can’t assume they’ll seek you out; you need to be there with the right information to seal the deal at the time they need it.


As you can see, just being there is not enough. You need content to address each of these phases your potential customers go through, known as the buying cycle.


Create an article, post, video, checklist, e-book or some other piece of helpful information that assists your customers in those I want to know, I want to go, I want to do, and I want to buy moments. You won’t be seen as trying to sell them something; they will see you as a helpful person who just has what they need and want at the right time.

When you publish your content online, it will become an online advertisement for your business; but we will cover this in another post.

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