3 benefits of a Google Business Profile for Trade and Service Businesses

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This video shows 3 major benefits for your service business when you setup a Free Google My Business (Now called Google Business Profile)

This video was recorded a while ago but most of the features are the same, although the name of this Google Product has changed from Google My Business to Google Business Profile. The transcript of this video is below:

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First Major Benefit


Once setup, the first major benefit is they will find your business on Google when someone searches for your business name, or the product or service you provide together with a town or suburb.

In our first example, we’ve typed into Google, Electricians in Coffs Harbour, and that’s all you need to type into Google to trigger a Google Business Profile listing. The name of the business or the business type and the town or suburb you want to search in.

The first thing to pay attention to is Google Business Profile listings take up the top half of the page. That’s a good thing. The top half of the page gets the most attention.

There are a couple of other things to notice here. In most cases, but not all, the visible listings are limited to the top 3, however there’s a link called more businesses? If you click that, you will see up to 20 more listings.

The Second Major Benefit


The second major benefit of setting up your Google Business Profile listing is people can find your business listing and get directions to your businesses front door, which is great if you want to encourage walk in trade. But what if you’re an outbound business and you don’t want people just rocking up to your home? That’s ok, Google has a feature to cater for outbound businesses that don’t want their physical address listed.

Let me explain how that works? My business is mainly outbound so I don’t list my physical address, instead I tell Google I operate up to 70kms from my home address and Google circles the area on the map. Correction: You now add the individual towns/suburbs into your Google business Profile listing; instead of telling Google you operate within so many kms of your business location. You set this up inside your Google Business Profile dashboard, by clicking the info section on the left and clicking the service area.

The Third Major Benefit


The third major benefit of a Google Business Profile listing is a doozy! This one feature I’m about to show you can be the deciding factor for getting a new customer or not. Google Business Reviews. What business doesn’t want great customer reviews?

Let me show you what that looks like.

In this example I’ve typed in plumbers Coffs Harbour, so I’ve triggered a Google Maps listing. See this guy, he has a whopping 41 reviews, all 5 stars. Now, it’s hard to game the Google system, so I would suggest strongly that these are bona fide reviews. Let’s briefly have a look at some.

Now, if you are looking for a plumber in your area and you came across someone like this, would you feel more comfortable dealing with someone that has all this positive feedback or someone that has little to none?

That’s the main thing here. The guy with the most positive reviews wins, and why wouldn’t they? What your customers say about you speaks volumes.

Also notice on these listings, many plumbers have a website connected to their listing. If you click on that, you will obviously be taken to their website. That’s also a good thing. If you have a website, you are in control of how you structure your message to your customers.


Google Business Profile listings are a valuable digital asset for your business. Many are already using this Google product, and many still aren’t, but there aren’t many who know how to use it to its full advantage, and that’s something we can help you with.

Why wait? Customers are looking for your product or service online right now. Contact us today and let’s get your Google Profile listing underway.

Not only can we help you set up your Google Business Profile, but we’ll help you maximise the results you get out of it, including a simple system you can use to gain more reviews for your business.

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