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We help trades and professional service businesses connect with new and existing customers—online. We do this by helping you to develop and promote your digital business identity and presence using our Local Hub Method. Our method is a modern, digital business strategy that uses digital products, services and technology to drive growth in your business, regardless of size.

We offer much more than a professional quality website

Customer Path's Local Hub Method

Your website will be at the centre of a modern digital marketing strategy

People don’t use one social media channel or one website for their information. They use multiple sources to gather as much information as they can about the products and services they want.

Our Local Hub Method delivers your product/service information to your local market in a variety of ways, using a range of channels and connections.

It’s the way people buy.

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Not sure our Local Hub Method will bring new customers to your business?

Hit the button below, answer some questions on the form and give us 48 hours to send you a report outlining opportunities to attract new customers to your business in the geographic areas you operate.

This report will also outline how you can use our Local Hub Method to
connect with your existing customers, too.


We build the assets you need to attract new customers and meet your goals, from taking bookings to transacting sales and much more. Digital assets such as single and multi-page websites, simple payment pages or full shopping cart systems. We can design the images and videos needed for your social media profiles and advertising. We use the latest technology and design techniques, honed from years of experience.


It’s one thing to build the assets needed, but unless it’s done with a strategy that puts your assets to work, it’s a waste of time. Our digital strategy, the Local Hub Method, will put your digital assets to work to attract new customers to your business. It’s flexible and designed for trades and professional service businesses that operate in local, regional areas.


Digital marketing works well for our customers because we track the important data points. This often highlights additional income opportunities. There are many gold nuggets to be found by mining data. Opportunities appear; but only when you are looking for them and we have the right tools and strategy to do that for your business. 


Ian designed my website over 14 years ago and I have been with him ever since. His knowledge and ideas have improved my website and also my business. I can’t rate him highly enough.

A Class Decks & Pergolas – Glenn Stuart

Ian created a completely new website for us. Feedback from our 400+ members indicates that they find it user-friendly, attractive and full of relevant information. It certainly has given us a far more up-to-date image, and within the U3A organisation has been praised for its adherence to privacy issues.

U3A Nambucca Valley – President

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